Child Support Question

Mom will still have to pay support. In NC other kids are taken into consideration but her staying home will not get her off the hook for her other kids. Child support will be based on 40 hrs a week at min wage at the least.

I did not expect no support. Mom had custody of kids, dad didn’t pay support, mom worked full time plus daycare for 2 kids, struggled financially, couldn’t afford attorney. Dad could and faught for kids out of spite since mom did not take him back after he left them. Mom underestimated at need for an attorney and the need for “hard evidence” to back up her story. She lost primary physical. Despite kids want to be with mom and a custody evaluator giving the Judge every reaso in the world to put kids back with mom, he does not believe in changing until a certain amount of time has passed to change.
Up until birth of new child, mom has happily paid $1350 a month when she only makes $40k (for 2 children)
Now, however, she is home full time w/ the new child & has offered to pick up children from school to cut his afterschool bill, and still pay support. Dad threatened mom & said if she did not continue that large amount of money, he’d take the children and move away from her (mom has email proof) and she didn’t get to see them afterschool since it wasn’t the scheduled time established by the Judge. He wants them to continue an afterschool program instead.
The mom doesn’t want to “be off the hook” she just doesn’t know how it would go legally, if it could be reduced to a manageable amount for her. As it stands, the dad spends his money on his girlfriend, cigarettes and a fishtank, then receives donated Christmas gifts from the schools and aid to help pay for daycare, even though he was getting $1350 (which I think is pretty generous!)
Thanks again!

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I heard the response you gave on this and in my case, in Randolph County, a few years ago when we did a review, I was told that since the child I just had was not my ex’s that my income would be inputted at min wage because my ex was not responsible for helping take care of my new child. I was also told I chose to have my income go down because I decided to have another child and that was not my ex’s fault it was my decision.

Question … What happens if the person paying support is the mother. Remarries, then has another child with their new husband and stays at home with the new child? Thank you!