Child support question

O.K. so we FINALLY worked it out… RELIEF! After 30K between the two of us we decided to stay our of court and not go to trial. At any rate I agreed to 8 nights per month for him, plus 2 weeks in summer, every other holiday vacation… The 2 weeks equate to 10 overnights because they start with his week-end.

So my question is now he can modify child support since he has more time.

He probably will, so my question is does Alimony count as my income?

Also, does anyone know how many over nights this equates to for him. I came up with 124??? :stuck_out_tongue:

8 x 12 = 96

96 + 14 = 110

Don’t know what your previous custody arrangement was, but if he has more time, he can modify the amount of child support. (Might be best to agree to this since you’ve realized Court is an expensive venture.) Or…he may not make much noise if the time is not all that different.

Your alimony counts as income. Ask the IRS.

I don’t know what your ex had previously…but the child support worksheets go like this:

Under 122 (maybe 123) nights during a year: Worksheet A is used.

Over 122 or 123 (whatever it is): Worksheet B is used.

It looks like he is getting about 110 overnights which is no where near the amount to go to Worksheet B. So the change may not be substantial enough to modify child support. He would need to weigh out if its worth it, if you already spent 30K, child support modification will cost you about 6K more (I just went through it).

Good luck!

It doesn’t appear that your ex can modify the amount of child support unless one of your incomes has changed drastically and 3 years have passed since the last order.

Unless otherwise stated in an agreement, you must claim alimony as income on your taxes, and therefore also pay taxes on the money you receive.