Child support stops at what age?

I noticed on your website it states that in NC if the order was set before Oct 1, 1993 then it ends at 18 and if it was set on or after that date then its 18 or graduation which ever comes last. Is this actually the case because we’ve heard differently through the cs people. The reason we ask is we pay cs on a child who turns 18 in Oct but isn’t supposed to graduate until the following May or June - not to mention she is having a baby this June and says she plans on moving out of the mothers house at 18 anyway, which brings me to the next question of does it stop when she moves out?

Child support ends at age 18 except, if the child is otherwise emancipated, support shall end at that time, or shall continue up to the age of 20 if the child is still in secondary school and making progress towards graduation.

Support will continue in this case until the child is 18, or if she stays in school until she graduates, her move will not affect support.

Thanks, I’m still confused a little. So our cs order was entered before that oct 1, 1993 date, so shouldn’t it end at 18 anyway, graduated or not? Also, if we find out that she has moved out of the mothers house can we file a motion to get her emancipated (??) ? Thanks alot!

I’m sorry, I failed to read the part of your post regarding the age of the Order, CS will end when she is 18.

Thanks so much… one last quick question. The age of the order goes by the date it was first set correct? Not the date of any changes that were made right… like increase or decrease to the order amount. Thanks again for your help!

Actually the date the order was set would be the date of the last order issued.

I’m so sorry this just isn’t sinking in… here’s the thing… the child was born in oct 1992, wasn’t proven that my husband was the father until summer of 1993, in aug of 1993 the cs order for entered at that time. A few years later the bm went back to court and had it increased, a year after that we went back and had it reduced (because of change in husbands job). It hasn’t been back to court since then which was in 1999. So are you saying it still ends at 18 because the original order it self was entered in aug 1993 or are you saying it will not end at 18 but will end when she graduates because of the 1999 change to the cs amount? I thought it was based on when the actual order was first entered not any changes that were made to the order after that. We are just trying to find out so we know when to stop paying.
Thanks again so much!

The subsequent order issued in 1999 is the “law of the case”, which was entered after the law changed. Child Support will end when she turns 20, so long as she is still in school and making progress towards graduation.