Child support tax credits


It’s going to be next to difficult to find anyone williing to reward a parent who doesn’t want to/can’t live with his children. No matter how much we do the right thing we’re still the pariahs. This state saw a LOTTERY as immoral, do you really think a break for someone who broke up their family deserves a helping hand, in their eyes? Doubt it.


The child support guidelines include an adjustment for the dependency exemption, child care tax credit, etc. If the spouse paying the support were to get the deductions and credits the guidelines would be changed and the child support would be increased to offset the loss to the spouse receiving the support. You don’t see the built in adjustment because it is part of the deterimination of the levels of support set forth in the tables of amounts.


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Ok, so we’ve been bandying this about on other threads but how would we start a movement, introduce a law that would provide tax credits for those paying child support? Surely we are not alone in wanting this? Probably throughout the country there are those paying hundreds or thousands of dollars a month to an ex-spouse for support of their children and receiving none of the tax benefit that they would get if they were married i.e. tax deductions, EIC, child care credit etc. I think this sets up a situation promoting the “deadbeat” non-paying ex-spouse or at the very least creates even more financial hardship for those paying the support and at times, resentment of those receiving it. Maybe one of you has more savy about how we would get the ball rolling?