I Cannot Believe This!

Unfortunately, socialism in Amerika’s (yes I spelled it that way intentionally) courts are now the norm instead of the exception. You need to try to appeal this while you still can. I know exactly where you’re at. I pay 60% of my income to child support and have to provide healthcare at $130/month. The Judge completely ignored the fact that I wouldn’t have enough to live on. Go to www.deltabravo.net, there is information there regarding the Hyde-Woolsy bill. It contains information that may help you get that reduced in an appeal. I would also see if there is a local Father’s 4 Justice chapter in you area (they are on the internet), they will give you tons of information, and possibly refer you to someone in your area that can help. I don’t know if you can private message on this site, but please feel free to do so if you need some additional info.

At all but very low income level levels, child support awards are generally excessive. This applies to Guidelines cases, too.

My observation is that most judges who decide child support live in fantasyland where there’s an unlimited supply of money for everyone. The court says you must pay ‘x’ in child support. It cares little about your present obligations, or the implications of not paying your bills. Until our courts accept the basic premise that everyone suffers financially when parents divorce - children included - child support awards will continue to have little foundation in reality.

What exactly are the implications fo rnot paying my bills?
Just sent to collection agency and credit rined or is there more I can expect?


Dear phils:

Greetings. I am sorry to hear about the ruling. Just to offer some help, have your consulted with your tax advisor to change your withholdings to account for the taxable consequences of alimony/pss?

If you do not pay your bills, it will likely hurt your credit. Let me know if you have other questions. Thank you.

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I just went to my hearing to hear the judges ruling and was shocked to find out that the judge awarded $1200.00 a month more than I am capable of paying!

TMP Child Support = $1050.00 per month
TMP PSS = $200.00 per month
Mortgage = $900.00 per month

I have over $5400.00 in obligations to pay now and I only bring home $4200.00 a month!

The STBX did not have to pay anything! I was ebven told I have to pay her lawyer $1600.00 within 60 days!

My inaliable rights to life, liberty and persuit of happiness have all been taken away!

I am forced to either stop making payments to creditors, stop working and run or commit suicide!

What kind of country do we live in?