Mr. Setoni/at least an answer!


Thank you for stating that the amounts of PSS should not have been offset in Equitable Distribution! That is what I have always believed! The only “finding” the judge made was that it was “just and proper” for the ex to receive all of the divisible property and this after the opposing attorney rewrote the original memo from the judge that it would be “double dipping” for me to receive 50% of this said property.

Yes, I could have appealed, but I also was aware that the case would have returned to the same judge. I could have won the battle, but lost the war. This same judge ordered me to take my child out of town on my custodial time. This same judge ordered me to pay 50% of all extracurricular activities for my child when my income is nowhere near that of the ex. This same judge ordered me to pay the ex over 2,000 in extracurricular expenses when the ex owed me 1000, but completely ignored the 1000 the ex owed me. I knew I had no chance whatsoever. An appeal may have helped somewhat, but what was this judge going to do? Increase my alimony by one dollar? He could have. I had to cut my losses and maybe I made the wrong decision, but after 3 years of this hell and getting beat up and beat up and charged a quarter of a million dollars by my lawyer, I had to quit. This was not a Hollywood case and the charges of my lawyer wiped me out. Obviously. So, thanks.


Oh my goodness ! Pretty much the same thing happened to me only through lawyers. I never got to a judge even after repeatedly asking to go to court. I quit my first attorney after realizing he wasn’t worried about my situation at all! That was after 2 1/2 years of this mess dragging on! The second lawyer was a woman. Did that matter? Not at all!!! She seemed to do whatever his attorney wanted. I was the dependant spouse of 29 years. I got so screwed I will never be the same financially or emotionally. I believe who ever has the most money wins. Nothing else seems to matter. My mediation papers even back dated our seperation papers so he is protected from ever having his affair with a married woman, who is now his third wife, brought up. I didn’t notice until i got home and actually read my papers. My attorney had an email where he had stated the correct date of seperation to me. She had tons of evidence but sat by and he got away with so much i couldn’t even begin to write it all down here. My children and i paid and continue to pay the price for "JUSTICE?"
I feel a little better after reading about your case as it is so in line with mine.I never dreamed anyone else had been through what I went through. I keep saying that if I hadn’t ever had the lifestyle I had then it would be easier now to adjust. I spent my best years helping (you wouldn’t believe) build our lifestyle and now he and third wife enjoy it. The only good part of all of this is God knows it all and he will deal with every single person involved!