And the judge doesn't have it in for me?

Wow, which county did this happen in? Was your lawyer from Rosen?

OMG. . .I would also like to know what county and attorney; can you mention the judges name or would that be slander?
This is insane that this should happen to anyone.

Ms. Lawyer:

This judge. Let me see. Refused to allow adultery as admissible evidence. Reduced my expenses from the PSS amount by 1700.00. Awarded me less than 50% of the property. Indirectly ordered me to take my son to a tennis tournament out of town on my custodial time with expenses incurred therein. Created an over 20,000 per month income disparity. Has now ordered me to pay my ex 200.00 per month for expenses my ex decided upon without my permission or agreement and refused to make my ex pay me for extracurricular expenses, so I’m out over 1000.00. Was going to put me in jail for 489.00 for medical expenses when my ex is reimbursed from his office for any out of pocket medical…I believe “double dipping”??? Ordered that I’d pay 50/50 when the incomes are nowhere near equal! Found my ex in “contempt” for having an overnight guest of the opposite sex, but way to purge was to promise to not do it again! Same thing with the order for not taking my child out of country without notifying me, which judge ordered and joint custody, but just a slap on the wrist and not “willful”. And this judge doesn’t have it in for me? I beg to differ! Income 1/3 less than predicted and ex, judge, and his lawyer still just beating the s*** out of me! I’ve lost my house, my assets (to my sorry lawyer) and my life. And the judge does not have it out for me! I disagree.
I’m 53 years old and presently trying to live off of l8% of the income I once had. Ex retained over 90% of his income and I am in a financial nightmare!