Thank you. Are you for hire? I do understand that no orders are permanent, but you need to be aware of what I am dealing with in this county. No one would believe me, but I swear, this is the truth. The judge allowed opposing counsel to change his ruling so that my physician ex would receive more of the property than me and I have been out of the work force for twenty years! The judge in my case is the Chief District Court judge and everyone thinks he hung the moon. I don’t have the money to keep going to Court and have no counsel at this time because I cannot afford counsel. (My former sorry attorney has charged me over 200,000 and has a lien against the property( and 200,00 is about it) which ex took complete possession of four years ago). My ex takes me to Court over everything because he knows I do not stand a chance no matter what. The bills have arrived for my son’s surgery and I owe over 1,000. All I know to do is pay a dollar a month in “retaliation” because I cannot afford to pay all of that at once. My situation is pretty hopeless. I’ve learned through this that you can’t fight power, evil, and money. Sad, but true. Thanks again.