Child Support: Temp vs Voluntary vs Permanent?


In a separation and custody for my kids has not been decided.

a friend told me without custody decided then signing a voluntary child support agreement
is only for Temp child support, and that Permanent child support can not be decided until custody is.

I am asked Child Support office, about this, and was told the agreement only states it is a voluntary agreement and mentions nothing about
Temp vs Perm.

Does this sound correct ?


I can’t say for sure, as I do not handle cases through the child support office and therefore do not use their forms. I would advise against signing anything without have a lawyer review it first.


Having a Lawyer review anything I sign, is what I’ve heard from many others.

Since the Child Support amount is based on State Guidelines, I do not see why I need a lawyer to review.
If All I am signing is a child support agreement, would you still recommend a lawyer reviewing it first ?

All the lawyers I have contacted want an hour fee to do ‘anything’.
Does your firm offer a reduced rate or a complimentary review for ‘just a child support agreement’ ?


Yes I do. A lawyer can make sure the calculations are correct and there are no hidden extra obligations. We do not offer complimentary review of child support agreements.


Even if it is the Child Support Office doing it vs my STBX’s lawyer drawing up the child support agreement ?


Yes, my advise is that you still have it reviewed.