Child support thru child support enforcement vs a judge

My husband is self employeed and the amount he makes is being called into question I know if we go before a judge, he will take the evidence into account and ultimately make his own ruling on his income. However if i go through CSE to avoid the attorneys fees that I can’t afford, what will the base his income on? I know the easy answer is his actual income, but his actual income is anybody’s guess. His 1099, his taxes, his bank statements, his pay stubbs, amts he gets paid in cash are all different amounts.

on taxes he shows the business makes no profit, but he deducts things that aren’t actual business expenses. Am i stuck with what the taxes say or the amount I can prove that he actually makes via paystubbs/bank statements? i can also prove a large portion of the money is NOT spent on business expenses. in settlement discussions we agreed to 10k a year. he actually makes WAY more than that, but am i better off to go with that since taxes show a loss?

what information will CSE use to calucate childsupport?

Determining income for self-employed people is sometimes complicated. CSE will collect income information from him, and come up with a number.