Child Support


In determining child support, both parents income is used. Question: mom has a public job and works during the week on an as needed basis (or according to her when she wants to work). she also helps with her spouses/ their family farming business. On several websites, they are both listed as the owners of said business. Would cs be based just on her public job or could their business be brought into the equation? Thanks


CS is based on total income. If she earns income then it is included in the calculation.


My son has been extremely defiant for 5 years. He is now 16 and has moved his belongings to a friend’s house. I hope that he will understand how difficult it will be to live like he is but he is insisting that I give him the small amount of child support I get from his father. I pay his health insurance out of the child support as well as his lunch account at school. Just these 2 expenses account for 2/3 of the child support total. Does child support stop when he moves from my house? I know that I am responsible for him until he is 18 so I will not drop the health insurance. He has no vehicle so there is no insurance associated with that. Am I legally bound to turn over any child support to him? Even though he is aggressive and abusive, I know my home is his best place for survival for the next 2 years.


Just keep the Child Support. There is no way your son will get an attorney to get the money from you.

Most Dads will keep paying just to keep the b----s at CSE off their backs. It would be difficult for him to convince a judge to let him off Child Support. And an attorney would point out that he might end up paying more.