Child support

If I’m not mistaken, only payments made by the parent can be put towards calculations. And that wouldn’t be considered income. She could pay the child care and have her parents reimburse her. That would be the only way she could figure that into the CS calculator.
If my husband’s ex mother-in-law buys the children clothes then his ex does not get to count that towards her share of 1/2 the clothing bill and he does not pay her back for them.
I may be wrong…

Stepmothers advice makes sense - however - oftentimes the grandparents will explain that they were loaning the funds to the parent pending a resolution of the child support issue and it will be included in the calculation.

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if my ex-wife’s parents are paying child care is that to be figured into the calculations? If so, is that money also supposed to be figured into her gross monthly income?