Child Support

My wife and I are divorcing and have a joint bank account from which we pay bills. She’s started transferring large sums of money without clear explanation. My wife currently doesn’t work. If I close the joint bank account and assure my wife I am still providing for her and the children (pay bills, etc) could at that point she force me to pay child support? What if my wife files for child support because I closed the joint bank account? Is there anything I can do?

Thank you very much for your help

She may file for child support at anytime, regardless of whether or not you close the account.

Is there any action I can take if my wife has filed for child support without a valid reason? Does she need a reason to have child support enforced? Can her reason for wanting child support be contested? Is she free to arbitrarily file for and receive child support?

Thank you very much for your time and help

If you are separated, or still living together, she can file for child support if she is not receiving an adequate amount of funds, or access to funds for the same. There is not a defense unless you can prove that you are living together and providing funds for their reasonable needs.

My wife and I are now seperated living at different residences. My wife is an LPN (nurse) currently not working. Can she legally refuse to work to collect more child support?

Thank you for your time

She can refuse to work, but the court may impute income to her in the amount she is capable of earning.