Child Support

Hi Terri,

Although it can be difficult to prove that someone is receiving supplemental income, like rent from a boarder, if your husband can prove that his former wife’s income is more than what she is claiming, then it would be worth pursuing a modification of the child support amount. It sounds like it would make a significant difference in his child support payments if he can prove her income is higher.

Good luck!

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Your husband may be caught in the same thing I am caught in. The child support guidelines were adjusted in October 2002. My support order went into effect in March 2002 and now I found out I am paying over $200 more than I should be after the October adjustment. I am told there is nothing I can do about it now. Good Luck.

My husband is paying $450.00 a month child support for one child. He is providing health insurance also at 180.00 per month. His ex-wife did not claim all her income when this was agreed on and now her boyfriend has moved in with her and she claims that he is a boarder which means she is collecting more income. I have done the worksheet for the child support and I come up with $309 a month, estimating her income lower than it really is. Would it be risky to try and reduce the child support.