Child support

My ex moved to Florida during our separation period. He is currently paying child support and I have recently moved to SC with our 2 children because of employment. He does not want to pay child support and said that since I moved to SC without his permission, that it is illegal and he wants custody of the kids. He is basically doing everything possible to avoid paying child support. Since he is the one that moved out of the state, is moving to SC for a job illegal for me to do? I didn’t think that I needed his permission. There isn’t a custody agreement and he never sees his children and rarely calls them. Also he says that since I am no longer in NC he no longer has to pay child support to NC since I have not filed for child support in SC. Is this also true? He says that since I have not filed in SC immediately (I’ve been here 2 months), that is illegal and he is reporting me to child support on Monday. Again, he’s only trying to avoid child support. I realize that I have to file for child support here in SC, but once I do will there be another waiting period for SC to reestablish child support or will SC just transfer over the court ordered support from NC? He is thinking that since I have to refile in the new state, then there will be a new waiting period and he wont have to pay during that 2-3 month waiting period. I really hope that this is not true as well. Thanks!

Your move is not illegal, and unless there is a court order in place that prohibits your move, or your move interferes with your ex’s visitation schedule, you have not violated any rule of law.
Child support should be filed in Florida.