Child support and father in another state


Hello- my son has recently moved to NC from FL where he lived with his father for 3 years. Now that he lives with me how do I go about getting his father to pay child support until he graduates high school? Is there a form I fill out? do I file in FL where the dad lives or here where my son and I live?


It would be proper to file for child support in the state where the payor lives, so FL…

***I am not a lawyer…


You will need to file for child support in FL.


do I just do it online?


I cannot advise you on FL law, or the process to seek support there. I suggest you contact an attorney who is licensed in FL.


When I moved to FL (from NC), my ex was still in NC. I was able to file a claim through CSE (Child Support Enforcement) in Florida, and they worked with NC (interstate claim), until ex moved to FL, and then the claim was adjusted to be within the state.

I would call CSE in NC first and see about filing an interstate claim with them…the CSE (I believe) are all linked and work collaboratively…this will keep you from having to appear in court in FL…

When I filed my claim in FL, I had to physically go to the office, because of the paperwork they needed, etc…so if NC CSE can work an interstate claim for you for Child Support, that would be the way to go, IMO…