Child Support

My Ex wife relocated out of State with our minor children. I am paying voluntary support based on NC child support calculator. My ex wife is telling me that child support is based on the state where the children go to school. However the permanent custody order states that NC is the home state of the minor children. and has jurisdiction.

I went to the Wake county court to file a child support order and the clerk laughed at me and asked me why I would file an action against myself. My ex wife has up till today refused to supply her income information. My question is does the state of NC have Jurisdiction with regard to child support?

Yes, jurisdiction for child support is proper in NC.

thank you for your response, I have a followup question…is 4 consecutive pay stubs used for determination of income and are bonuses calculated into income if they are irregular? also what is your opinion on my filing the action for support even though it is an action against myself.

Bonuses are factored into child support, and an average may be used. You may file an action to establish support.