Child Support

My ex and I had set up that the child support would be paid to me based on the NC child support calculator and we were doing it ourselves. As time has gone on he is starting to alter the amounts he is paying based on time our children are with him. Our daughter stayed with him for most of her Easter break and he deducted that time from my child support. She is now wanting to stay with him for most of the summer vacation and he wants to redo the child support because of that. Can he change it? She is still staying with me from some of the days but more days are with him.
I also have a second question regarding the money each of us receives and how it is considered income toward child support. I am a teacher and paid based on salary. He is also paid based on a salary with his police and military reserve pay. The apartment complex he lives in also provides him with a 50% discount on his rent for him to serve as “security” for the complex. He also is responsible for distributing late notices, monthly newsletters, etc. He must do all this to get the percentage off. I have researched it and it appears as though that discount should also be considered income but he refuses to include it because he says he is not an employee of the complex. He also does a great deal of off duty work, some of which he receives a 1099 for but none of that is included in his income either. How can I get these amounts included? Thank you.

The overall child support obligation should be based on the total income of the parties and the number of overnights. If your daughter is staying with him more, it shouldn’t be a straight deduction, but it may be enough to warrant a recalculation of the child support amount depending on the difference in the number of overnights. His pay should also be included. If he’s not willing to include this voluntarily, you should consider seeking a child support order by using child support enforcement.