Child Support

I have a separation agreement that specifies that child support be calculated yearly. Last year X contacted me and asked for documentation. He provided his W2 and I provided mine. Now, I had no other deductions so I thought. He claimed interest , and child care expense and health insurance for the child. He didn’t provide any documentation for those claims. Well, he cheated and lied in the marriage so this year even though he has claimed more extra income, Id like documentation. I have sent him all my documentation. He is wanting to hire a laywer and me pay half so that his things can stay private. I don’t need to hire a lawyer. I have two things to claim. My child could do my adjusted gross income. He doesn’t want me seeing his assets but if he hands his paper work to a lawyer I wont be able to keep tabs on him and know if he is lying or hiding stuff. I know he is renting a house but it is lumped in with his extra assets so I don’t know whether he has claimed all he should or not. What can I do? If I take him to court Id spend what extra id get. It doesn’t say in the agreement all documents are to be provided but how else can we both calculate the new child support. With him not paying the correct amount and not wanting to disclose his assets can I take him to court and get him to pay the court bill?

Assets are not taken into consideration in the child support guidelines for calculating child support. The parties should exchange income and expenses for healthcare and childcare so that you can run the child support calculator to arrive at a new obligation amount.