Child support

I would not put the add in the paper as he may be able to sue you for libel if it damages his business and reputation. Not saying that’s right because he sounds like scum for not paying child support in the first place, but you don’t want to ask for more trouble. You would be entitled to child support even if he makes minimum wage if you have custody. Unless you make a lot more than he does, but even then he should be paying you something. If he’s not turning in all of his income to keep you from getting child support then it’s possible that a judge would see that and would base child support on what he may be capable of making. Contact the IRS if you have evidence to support the income being hidden. Go to the homepage and work the child support calculator using what he claims as income and include what you pay in insurance. Contact the child support enforcement agency and see what they may be able to help you with also. You may be suprised at what you should be getting.
I worked for a chiropractor for a couple of months once, but I left that due to the dishonesty in the practice. The one I worked for made sure that all the records were geared towards getting as much from the insurance company as possible. Especially if it was a car accident where someone else was at fault and their insurance was paying. Once the insurance money ran out, they were miraculously cured. I did not feel comfortable knowing that if I had to go to court I would be asked to lie.
The attorney’s are the only one that benefit from drawn out custody battles, but occasionally they do get you what you deserve. Try the government agencies first and see what they can do.

How realistic is it that I can get a child support order when a self employed father,chiropractor, IRS problems, hides income, no checking account and uses another’s checking account to cash income checks from his business?
He claims an income of about $9,000 and lives in Chapel Hill and drives a newer car than mine.
I have a 14 year old daughter and there is no order since he has always hired an attorney to fight my attorney.
The change is now that he doesn’t have our son there with him anymore since he is in colelge.
I provide the health insurance for the two kids at $526.00/month and have an order he is to pay half but he will not. The attorney fees weren’t worth the trouble of trying to get it. But now I have 4 years of legal right to child support.
I have thought of running an ad in the local Chapel Hill Newspaper regarding his chiropractic business so that “he can now pay child support for his daughter.”
I have spent over $10,000 on attorneys with the divorce and it has only benefited largely the attorneys.
Any advice? Is it throwing good money after bad? I think it would take threatening his professional license to get his compliance.

terry manlove