Child Support


When child support has not been issued, which is better to hear the case
Child Support Agency or the Judge in court.

On determining child support other than the obvious (custodial) parent that has the children more is there other factors that can be considered to reduce the amount? If non custodial has another child, can that be used in the calculations? Can daycare of this child be used? On an average how much can this reduce the support?
Non custodial provides the same as custodial when visitation occurs, is this looked at (clothing & expenses)?
When visitation takes place both parties drive to half way point, the custodial stated they can add this to support, custodial makes twice as much as non custodial, is this true? Could non custodial counter and ask for reduction because of different income levels?

Thank You


No matter which route you take, at the end of the day child support will be ordered by court based on a judge’s decision.
Child support is based on the gross income of both parents, daycare costs, and the cost of medical insurance for the child(ren). If your ex has another child for which there is court ordered child support that is also considered. Each calculation is specific to the numbers in that case. There is a child support calculator on this website you can use to get an estimate of how much support you will receive.
You are correct in stating that the parent who the child is with on any give day is responsible for the daily needs of the child on that particular day. (providing food and clothing ect.)
Transportation issues surrounding visitation are whatever the parties agree to, or what a judge orders. Usually the parent whose custodial time is beginning will pick the child up from school or the other parent’s residence and unless a great distance is involved these travel expenses are not factored into child support.