Should both parents have kids items?


This is a question that is being debated among several of my friends that are also dealing with visitation issues. If a child lives with one parent, but frequently visits another, should the non-custodial parent have their own set of clothes for the children, or should the custodial parent be responsible for providing the clothing used and keep the maintanence of those clothes? Is it expected that the child support paid by the non-custodial parent means that the custodial parent pays for all expenses of that child, even when that child is visiting the non-custodial parent (for example, should Mom send spending money, clothes, formula, diapers, etc. to the Dad’s house when kids visit)?

Thanks for clearing this up.


The issue of “child support” is one that is much debated and never clarified! Since when is it the “custodial parent’s” responsibility to pay for everything for the child, including visitation with the so-called “non-custodial” parent??? The idea that the parent who pays child support is exempt from any expenses for the child is just plain wrong! Unfortunately, this is the mind set of most people! This mindset makes expenses 100% the responsiblity of the parent who receives child support when usually it is the mother who receives child support because the mother’s income usually is not in the same league as that of the father! So, the father pays the mother child support which is supposed to help the mother provide for the child at the “same standard” enjoyed before the divorce, but seldom EVER does and requires the recipient to pay everything for the child! Something needs to change with this picture! Oh, I pay her child support. That’s all I have to do. Now, expenses for everything are HER obligation. I’ve paid the child support. I’m done. (father, court, public opinion).


Both parents have an obligation to provide for the children, and in joint custody arrangements it is usually presumed that the children will have clothing, toys, and other necessities at each parent’s residence.