Which parent pays for shared expenses?

For those of us on Schedule B but still pay child support to the other custodial parent (i.e. equal time but inequity of income), what does the law state around who pays for shared expenses? By shared, I mean haircuts, cell phones, school supplies, field trips, car insurance, etc. One could argue that the monthly child support payment is supposed to cover all of this. Another could argue that both custodial parents are equally responsible for these somewhat ordinary expenses, as the child support order only covers basic needs (food, housing, etc). Let’s assume there’s nothing else in the Consent Order that stipulates who covers this.

Who is right?

Thanks in advance for the service you provide. :slight_smile:

Speaking from experience, if it isn’t in the order then you don’t have to pay it. For example, my fiance’s court order states that medical is to be reimbursed from either party 30 days from the day they get the bill. It doesn’t say anything else about splitting other expenses. So if she/he pays for something and then wants half the money it is not required and she/he cannot make you pay anything that isn’t in the order.

That was very helpful…thanks a lot.

Rosen - does that sound right?

Your order dictates what expenses you are responsible for. If the order simply states your obligation and does not address uninsured medicals, extracurricular activities and other expenses, you are not obligated to pay these. However, if the order states that you are to split certain expenses, you are obligated to do so.