Child support


is there no other way NC figures child support but by how many overnights a parent has him. my attorney keep telling me north carolina guidelines says it states overnights only, but i have my kid 2 evenings (only because of how early I have to be at work) during the week and every weekend. I would think I am doing most of the child rearing all they do is sleep at her house. I feed them, clothe them 5 days out the week and have been doing that for the past year. Now she wants sole custody. Does what I do not count as credit even though they dont actually sleep at my house but on the weekends.


I know how you feel. I have kids EVERY single day but they sleep at her house M-F.


You can ask the court to deviate from the child support guidelines, and present evidence showing the actual expenses to get around the calculation based on overnights.