Child support


Let me tell you about my situations.I have left my spouse 6-7 months ago, we verbally agreed that she would not ask for child support and I would not terminate the business, give her my 50 % interest in the business, since we both worked in the business, she is very much familiar how to run it. The reason for this was so my childrens future would not be in jeopardy. But my wife decided to take me to court, and judge awarded her everything she asked for and calculated the amount from my last years earnings. Well this year I am not in US and don’t have a job. Currently my family and friends are supporting me, and dont have any representation.Now
1-Can judge reverse this decision?

2-Of course as I dont pay this it’s goıng to accumulate and be come huge amount can she come after me in an other country?

3-İf or when I come to US would I get in trouble for not paying this child support?

4-İf she is going to continue to ask for child support can I reverse the decision to leave the business to her even though I gave her a sıgned paper?

5-In this divorce proceedings do I have to be there? What would happen if I didnt come?

Thanking you in advance for your kind respond to my questions


The proper course of action is not to appeal, but to modify the support based on the substantial change in circumstances you have encountered. You should move forward with an action to modify before you accumulate a large arrearage, which she can come after.

As for the actual divorce, you need not be present.


Thank you for your kind respond.
Not knowing what to do and how to do it, can you give me some direction what exactly do I have to do?
How can I do it from half way around the world?
Can it be done through US Consulate?
Thank you again in advance for your time,


The best course of action is to speak with an attorney personally regarding your case. Many attorneys are happy to consult with folks over the telephone. You will need an attorney to file the motion, and to help you prepare for your. You will also need to be present for any scheduled hearings.


Is there any other way to do this, I am half way around the world. I cant come to US that easyly. Can this be done through US consulate?


No, child support and custody are state law issues and are not handled through the federal government. You really should schedule a phone consultation with an attorney who practices in the county where your ex resides. It may be possible for that attorney to help you reach a settlement prior to a court hearing being scheduled.