Child wants to live with grandparents

16 yr old wants to live with grandparents in PA. Would I need to give them temporary guardianship while he is living there and going to school? What if I am not agreeable to him living with them. There is no abuse, neglect, etc. It is simply a matter of my son preferring to live in PA than in NC.

You need not give them temporary guardianship, if you are not agreeable to letting him go you do not have to.

If we can come to an agreement that my son stays with my parents while going to school, will I need to file any legal papers? I would still be providing his insurance, making decisions, etc. He will come back to NC to visit, summers, etc. I would provide money for his clothing, extra curricular needs, etc.

No. If you give your son permission to stay in Pa for the school year, no legal papers are necessary, and you still have all your legal custodial rights in place.