Legal guardianship

Due to travel/job, my 16 yr old son will be staying with my parents and enrolling in local high school. Is there a legal guardianship form that I can use to give them permission to make decisions regarding education/healthcare? I will always be available by phone, but may not always be physically present in PA. If so, is it something that I can download or purchase and have noterized or must it be prepared by an attorney?

I would suggest you use a limited and revocable power of attorney. You may check some online sites for a form document, but I would advise you to have an attorney review the document before sign it.

Thank you. My only other question is which state should I have it prepared in? NC is where I reside, but he will be in PA with my parents. Regardless of NC or PA, can you tell me the cost to have your firm review the form?

You will need to execute the document in PA. We do not provide a document review service for this type of issue.