Children Brainwashing

Perhaps I should have searched first but has anyone gone thru this? We are married and living (unhappily) together due to monetary issues. My wife has successfully made me the bad guy in my childrens eyes (two teenage boys). They avoid me and don’t talk to me. I now have no say in their lives and talking to my wife is like lighting a fuse on a bomb. She goes off. She is a huge control-freak.

The only tactic I have is to speak to the boys (wife and I don’t speak normally) and treat them nicely as I love them.
I am pretty much isolated in the house.

I’m curious what thoughts some of you might have.

Enjoy your boys… they are only young once… give them the best you have to give…

Two years later, sounds JUST LIKE my deal. I got out and everybody is better off. I hope you did too…
Now my job is to create a soft place for the kids to land.