Post devorce problems


I just wanted to commend you for taking care of your children. You should feel so proud and nothing your x says can change the care and love you show for your children. I am a mom of one and also am having diffuculty with mind games from an x. It is so hard to sit back and watch it happen, but unfortunaly I don’t think there is anything that can legally be done. It is very sad that any parent would do this to their children. Just keep providing a wonderful environment for them and they will know the truth.
Keep your chin up and happy new year.


Ya know, this is an awful thing for a parent to do to their children. I have tried SO hard not to say anything about my ex in front of my children and they are almost grown. What kind of mother will tell their children that she is getting ready to die? Or that their father molested them when they were babies? She needs some serious help and it’s a good good thing that you are raising them and NOT her. My ex has tried to put my 17 yr old daughter in the middle SO many times. She has called me on several ocassions royally upset because Dad is asking questions that she does not want to answer and shouldn’t have to. He has also almost destroyed my relationship with my 22 year old son and new daughter-in-law (which happens to be carrying my first grandchild due in January)with the lies he tells about me. It hurts so bad when he does these things because he was never ever a part of their lives when we were married and now all of a sudden after ending a 23 1/2 yr marriage he wants to be Dad now. I feel for you Viper. All you can do is pray about it and know that eventually the kids will see through all of this. Hang in there and hopefully 2005 will be a much better year for all of us on these forums going through the mortal hell of 2004.


I was divorced about 5 years ago.
After the initial separation a long drawn out battle ensued over our children. After about 2 years of trying exercising my visitation rights agreed upon in our joint custody contract my X was finally found in contempt of court, and rather than face the court and explain her actions, she offered my custody of the children if I dropped the charges, and didn