Child's schedule and visitation

This question is for my fiance…he has an 8yo daughter he sees every other weekend. We had been getting her from 4pm Friday to 6pm on Sunday. His ex wife decided to enroll his daughter in swim lessons on Friday evening and karate on Saturday morning and to start going out for an early dinner on Sunday. Now he gets her from noon on Saturday to 3pm on Sunday. Was his ex allowed to do that without talking to him first? He pays his child support and we both feel he should have his time with his daughter. Is what she did legal or not? His ex lives in wake county and we live in durham…advice please?! Thank you!

It is perfectly legal unless there is a custody agreement that says otherwise. He should talk to his ex about it and try and work with her first so he can see his child. If she seems unwilling to work with him, my suggestion would be to file a motion for a custody hearing and that way he will get his time and she will have to abide by it.

What does the custody arrangement say? And who eats dinner at 3 on Sunday? Child can eat with her father. That is just ridiculous. Either he needs to have the mother follow the letter of the custody arrangement or he needs to hire an atty and get one in place ASAP.

Great idea.

If the custody agreement says so,then it must be followed, visitation n custody can be arranged for parents as per the court rules.Best deals can be explained by professional lawyers.