Civial Summons and Request for Admissions


I was served on 2/23/2009 and I know about the 30days. I thought per Rule 36 that I am not required to answer the request for admission before the expiration of 60 days not the 30 days that apply to the summons. I am figuring that the summons answer is due to 30 days but the admission answers are on 60days. I also thought that it is almost normal to request an extension of 30days on the summons so both are due at the same time.


If you are served with discovery at the same time you are served with the complaint you have 45 days to respond to the discovery, 15 days longer than the standard 30.


but then why ooes it say defendent shall not be required to serve answers before the expiration of 60days after service of the summons. Why do you then not have 60days ?


The rules of civil procedure allow a defendant 45 days to respond to requests for production of documents when they are served with the complaint and 60 days are allowed for responses to requests for admission.