Civil Summons

My wife served me with a Summons and Complaint today…So far I have been dealing with her lawyer directly and they have refused to provide me with a separation agreement. Can you provide any guidance on how I should respond to this? There are 8 or 9 claims for relief as well as other complaints.

I’m in a similar situation and my wife’s attorney has refused to give me or negotiate a separation agreement. I’d be interested in any advice anyone has on this.

I highly recommend you retain an attorney of your own.

Being that she has an attorney, they can easily exploit the process in their favor.

is this the attorney response or are u another user on the forum? I am not familiar with this document so I am interested from an attorneys perspective how I should respond to this? What is this document actually for, is there any court action involved or is it more posturing from my wife’s attorney (which has been happening a lot) and what action i need to take. Thanks

You have 30 days from the date of service to answer or otherwise respond to the complaint. You cannot force the opposing side to present a separation agreement or negotiate a settlement, so the best thing you can do is hire your own attorney and protect your interests and move forward on your own claims. If you need assistance but do not want to hire an attorney of your own, you should consider using Rosen Online where we can assist you with preparation of documents and answering detailed questions about your case.