Would you kindly clarify something for me?
Condonation is a defense for adultary. I have read, however, two seperate things in regard to it. I read that simply by resuming the marital relationship after learning of the affair you have condoned it. I also read on your website something that the time frame required to claim condonation had occured is 5-6 years. If one spouse learned of the affair and continued the relationship with numerous trips and gifts between them for the next 10 months is that enough proof the condonation occured?
Also could you explain how recrimination works?
I understand that the basics of it say that if both spouses have had affairs it can not be used.
How do both of these things effect an alimony claim

Condonation is subjective and the circumstances of each individual case will be considered. In my opinion the situation described above would be a condonation.

An example of recrimination would be one spouse encouraging the other to have an affair in order to bar him/her from seeking alimony.

Condonation and Recrimination are defenses a bar to an alimony claim.