Conflict of Interest?


You recently answered a question for me on how houses will be valued during ED (, thank you.

Now I am wondering if I should worry about a conflict of interest by my wife’s attorney. He was the closing attorney on both of the properties in question, as well as at least half a dozen other closings for me during the last 20 years. As such he has access to all of my financial information as well as intimate knowledge of the sale of those homes. If it is a conflict, is it in my interest to attempt to have him removed and, if so, how would I go about it.

Thanks again, Bill

To make sure I am clear, your wife’s divorce attorney handled your business transactions for the past 20 years?

Only for real estate closings. It’s a small town and I’ve owned, mostly prior to this marriage, 5 homes here. He has handled all but a few of the closings for the purchases, sales and a few re-fi’s. My wife is a realtor and had used him for her clients’ closings as well.

No, that is not a conflict.