Question for attorney

In a recent mediation agreement , ex was ordered to attempt to release me from any debts and/or liabilities from the marriage. There were several mortgages (I was unaware of) and the total of marital debt was substantial due to this. Nothing has been done by ex or my attorney to see this is done, and I am getting no response from my attorney regarding the matter. He received a substantial payment from my settlement, and to date I still have no receipt for services. Is this matter one that my own divorce attorney should have handled in a detailed manner, or am I supposed to hire another attorney to follow through with this? I received a very small settlement from a very wealthy man, and fear that should he pass, or default on a loan intentionally, that they would take the small home I acquired for myself and sons. How do I keep that from happening? What should I expect from divorce attorney?

I cannot provide an analysis of your legal services without an in-depth understanding of your case. You can call the client liason at the Rosen Law Firm for an appointment if you want to speak with someone about your case.