Overwhelming debt

After nearly 22 years of marriage my wife asked for a separation. She needed time away as she was not happy. I suggested going to a marriage counselor, going to talk to the priest at church and even suggested going to a church sponsored help group.(marriage encounter) She wanted no part of it. I went to counselling alone.
We have two great children, a modest house with a reasonable mortgage considering our combined income. We both have been lucky enough to have been working throughout the length of our marriage. My wife has managed the money since day one. Despite all of our efforts working, we’ve amassed over $35,000 in credit card bills alone trying to live the American dream.
She left and after we have failed to agree on several attempts to draft a separation agreement.
I have received a letter from her attorney that requested my financial information.
Do you suggest I follow this path and let her lawyer draft an agreement and then take it to a lawyer for mark-ups?
I certainly want to avoid court as I have been paying the mortgage, orthodontist bill, car insurances etc.

It is generally best to involve an attorney early in the process. Her attorney will look out for her best interest, and not yours. You may give us a call at (919) 787-6668 if you’d like to setup a consultation.

I have recently received a proposed separation agreement from my wife’s attorney.
She is asking for back alimony from the time she left.
She is also asking for back child support from the time she left.
I have been paying my son’s orthodontist bill as well as my daughter doctor bills. I have also been paying my daughter’s
car insurance and giving her money for gas and also for oil changes.
Is my wife entitled to any money since we didn’t have an agreement?
Is the money for the doctor and car upkeep considered as money towards child support?
We share equal time with the children and my wife’s and my income ration is about 70/30.
I appreciate your time.