Please help

have you discussed or tried counseling?

actually yes we have talked about counseling and have spoken with our preacher about some of our problems. its a very complicated situation. both of us have kind of realized that we simply made a very big mistake by getting married. we love each other but we probably shouldnt be married. we have too many differences. there is a clear maturity and itellectual difference. her parents are extremely controlling over her and they try to manipulate me. its just a very difficult situation. i want her to be happy as well as myself.

Generally, if there are not a lot of assets or debts to be divided, you can come to an agreement, separate for the one year one day required and then file for divorce. I do not know the exact cost just to file for divorce but what generally makes it so expensive is the debts, attorney’s fees and court costs, setting up separate households, alimony and child support.
You do not have to have an agreement to be separated but it’s a good idea because it protects both of you and reduces the chance that you will need to go to court over something down the road…there’s a sample on the home site here.
With no children, no assets and little debt, if you are in agreement over the items to divide, there’s a good chance that you could come out a lot cheaper than most on here. I suggest spending a little extra to consult an attorney, have an agreement drawn up and signed though…especially with the in-law situation. This will protect you both.

thank you for the response. i appreciate any help. thanks.

The cost of the divorce varies based on the legal complexities of each case. Unfortunately, we do not give quotes for services on the forum, however you can use the fee calculator available on our website.

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my wife and i have only been married since june 2005, but we have had many problems (no adultery or abuse). we have no children and we still rent from an apartment. we have talked about divorce over the last few months but am unsure how much it would cost. we dont really have any assets together and we dont own a home or anything. we are both in our 20’s and i just graduated from college in dec. 2004. i have no idea how much it would cost for us to get a clean divorce or seperation. please help.