Advice needed


fire your lawyer. Hire another one do not do this by your self or you will be taken to the cleaner. Also file a complaint with the NC Bar. Law is a service industry (a well paid one no doubt but still a service) the only way to improve service is to complain and vote with your feet.



Sounds like she is really trying to take you for everything. My experience has been that parties usualy pay their own legal fees. A lot depends on how long you were married. Are you retired military? I think you have to be married at least 10 yrs during the time you served before your spouse can get any of your retirement. I think you would be better off to get an attorney. We are dealing with child custody issues and we had to change attorneys. And a lot of times you have to do most of the work on your own. It is cheaper that way too.


Oh! you could also try mediation. That can prevent you going to court and save a lot on leagal fees. You can look up the process on the internet and in some counties it is mandatory to see a mediator before the court will schedule a hearing. My ex did that and it worked out for a little while. But our issues are different.


Dear chucklee:

Greetings. Court is painful and expensive, but often necessary. Stop paying her debt and speak with an attorney immediately (one that will return your calls in the same week you make them!). Thank you.

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How painful is court? I’ve been seperated for 14mo now and ready to move on. I hired an attorney several months ago. I call about 2-3 times a week for updates on my case. He has not even made the call the get her income to tell me what I can expect to pay in support for my kids. At this point I am planning on relieving him as my legal rep and contacting her attorney to try and work things out. My x and I have no property, 2 kids, and my retirement (she never paid much into hers). We make equal income but she is asking for alimony, legal fees, child support, and my retirement. All the material debt except her student loans have been paid by me since the seperation. I have asked her to settle out of court and stated that I would pay the child support at the state rate, take the bills I have been paying for, leave her with what little retirement she has in a 403b, and give her what she would rate of my military retirement. She will not budge. Is this not fair and what could I expect from the courts.