Conflicts of Interest?


My ex and some of his family members are predominantly known in the town where we must attend our court proceedings. In the past I have had trouble retaining a lawyer because of this. When we first separated I hired counsel and he was my lawyer for about a year and a half. Eventually I dismissed him because I felt he was not working for my best interests. October 2005 my ex and I both retained new counsel, and we are still trying to amend our custody and visitation agreement. My concern is…his new lawyer used to be a partner of my previous lawyer. Is this not a conflict of interest? From what I have read on the NC Bar website it sounds as if it should be because his new lawyer could’ve also worked on my case to help my lawyer on our original custody agreement. Concern #2…My ex and I have failed to come to a compromise when it comes to a new custody and visitation agreement. Because of this we have an upcoming court date in October 2006. I have been informed of the Judge that will be hearing our case. Since then I have come across some information about an incident that occurred with my ex, and the assistant District Attorney on that case is now the Judge that will be presiding on our case. Also my ex’s grandmother used to be an advocate for abused and battered women, and had to frequently attend court with these women so she has developed a re pore with a vast majority of the Judges, including the one that is going to hear our case. Is this considered conflict of interest as well? I am concerned that I am not going to get an unbiased ruling. Can I ask for a new Judge?