Confused about complaint

I was served for divorce. He did his best to have me served on our anniversary, his typical hurtful behavior. But on the complaint he signed he stated that The defendant is not an infant, incompetent person or otherwise under disability. (my lawyer is once more playing least in sight and refusing to respond.) I am on disability. I have several injuries, major health problems not to mention depression and post traumatic stress disorder. That doesn’t count as under disability??
He also asked that the costs of this action (dissolution of marriage) be taxed to the defendant, me. He is also asking for further relief as to the court seems just and proper. I feel like I am in deep trouble and will not get treated fairly in this area. My lawyer refused to go to mediation. My husband refused to respond to anything from my lawyer. Instead he had our children threaten me. The harasment was so bad I had a mild stroke and his response was to have them call me and let me know that I was cut out of their life and my grandchild’s for refusing to sign an agreement for what they said was $1,600/mo support. When I tried to agree I was informed that he would not pay me anything.
His salary was just published in the newspaper. He got a $6,000 raise and $2,500 in bonuses. They didn’t know about the 1% Christmas bonus. I get around $12,000 disability and he has not supplied support since he left. I felt I was being blackmailed and threatened by him via our grown children, but have been told I have no recourse. Isolation and control is a big part of abuse and he uses it well.
Too much is going on and I know I need a good detective I can trust. I think its my only chance unless I can come up with the large amount a new lawyer wants upfront.
I had a reporter contact me recently putting 2 and 2 together about the abuse and my husband. I didn’t comment, but was so very tempted. I am scared and sick. He is going to cut off my insurance. He has vowed not to pay me anything, but has the kids believing that I am asking for way too much. My lawyer keeps talking about how much he is paying me and I have to remind her that he isn’t giving me anything. Other people believe that he is already paying me a large amt of support. He is believed and I am scared. Proof in black and white just doesn’t seem to matter. They way he is twisting information around scares the ever loving out of me.

Your disabilities are not the same as what the document refers to, that sentence is a common one included in most every divorce complaint I have seen filed, it means that you are not mentally deficient.
The other language in the Complaint is also standard- though he should not have asked the cost be taxed to you, they will not be as he most certainly already paid the only costs of the action upon filing his complaint.