Disabled, no help for me?!

I am a 44yr. old woman, I have been disabled since 2008. Was sick some years before being Dx’d with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005. We have been looking at divorce for years. I have made calls to get, with NO luck. The mental abuse and neglect are making me sicker but, with my low income (I only receive $771.00 a month from SS), it’s making it really hard to get a lawyer or to move out.
He is hiding money from me, he wants the house (although he will not fix anything around the home), he has been told by doctors to put ramps into the home/safety guards up in tub/etc. he not only has NOT none that but, my shower is falling in/ there is a big hole in my kitchen flooring that could cause me to fall, the list goes on…

His income is about $50,000 a year, our house payment is only $500.00 a month. There is no “debt” has far as credit cards, etc. My question is, can I have him removed from the home? BUT, I would need some alimony in order to make the bills.
Also, I have called a legal aid service in our area and their advice was that “I should just cut my loses and leave!!” Because, it is making me health worse dealing with all of it and him.

We have been married for 23 yrs. with one 21 yr. old son. I think the advice, I got is outrage! But, how do I get GOOD legal help on my low income when I know he will pay for a good lawyer for his self!! He has wanted out of marriage since I become ill, and he is abusing me with this illness!!

Thanks for site! It is a life saver!!

You are likely entitled to receive spousal support from him, and may also be eligible to have the court issue and order that requires him to pay your attorney’s fees in seeking the same.

If he has engaged in martial fault (if the court considers that his behavior rises to the level of making your life intolerable) seek what is called a divorce from bed and board which allows the court to order him to move from the home.

The best advice I can give you is to go see and attorney for a confidential consultation, in which you can share with the attorney all the facts of your specific case and get a better idea of how the case will proceed.

Thank you so much for your help! Now, how to I find a lawyer that will want to take this on? The ones I’ve talked to so far, want the money up front or just tell me that I need to call free legal aid. As I said, free legal aid told me just to cut my loses and leave.

I need someone on my side, I feel like I’m trapped in this, with no way of getting help. I need someone to fight for me, the neglect and mental abuse is awful. All because, I got sick and he knows no one is going to help me!!!

Thanks again for your MUCH needed help!!!

Please feel free to contact our client liaison for a referral to an attorney in your area. She can be reached by dialling the main number and selecting extension 100.

Hi Sunshine, How are you? I’m wondering about you. You and I are in a similar situation as I have ms too.

Good for you. I’m in same position. Life in danger now though. My ex isn’t my ex. And I almost threw up reading your story. I’m sorry! I hope you atleast get help!