Need some Advice!


I have been married for seventeen years, and we have a high school age son. My husband has been emotionally, and mentally abusive towards me especially for the last 4 years. I found out he has been abusive towards me thinking he could hurt me enough that I would leave thinking the home would be all his if I left. I also know he has been hiding money from me for many years. I am a stay at home mom with a serious chronic illness. I dont qualify for SSDI due to not having enough work credits. Anyway, he had been giving me money for bills and groceries and keeping all the rest of the money for himself. I have no way of knowing how much money he has stashed away, Knowing him, the money can not be traced to a bank account. It was like pulling teeth to finally get him to have his checked direct deposited in the bank for the last almost 4 yrs. His job hours have cut way back and he hasnt work any overtime in the last 4 yrs. Actually, he started wanting out of the marriage not long after he started the direct deposit of his checks. He is a VERY selfish person.
He has told his coworkers he has alot of money stashed and that he could pay off our home (the balance is around $14,000) and his truck (balance is around $3,500) and still have ALOT of money left. That paying those things off would be just a drop in the bucket to him. I was warned in secret by someone who knows what my husband has been up to. Our son will graduate high school in two years. There is no college money as his Dad has it all stashed away to himself. What can I do??? My husband is such a liar. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He is also a weekend alcholic. He wants to leave with EVERYTHING for himself and little crumbs for me and our son. I’m afraid he may take off 600 miles away to where his family lives and leave me hanging. What is your advice? Thank you so much.


You are entitled to half of everything acquired during the marriage, including the money he has saved. There are ways of finding money that has been secreted away, and a lawyer can help you find out what all is out there and what you are entitled to.

You will also be entitled to alimony from your husband, child support until your son graduates high school or turns 18, and will likely also be able to get your husband ordered to pay your attorney’s fees.

I suggest you schedule an appointment with a lawyer specializing in family law in the very near future.