I am on disability. We took my step grandson in because of trouble he got into. It was to be for a few days, maybe months. Now it looks like it is for good. He is Seventeen. He is doing ok except stays mad at me because I make him keep things clean/neat. He came from a nasty home where he didn’t have to keep things clean. My marriage has suffered so bad and my health has gotten worse because of all the stress and family problems from His Dad & Stepmom and Mom & Stepdad. This has been such a strain on me and my husband, but HE doesn’t think so. Do I have to get out, if I can’t keep taking all of the problems? If so, what type of help can I get and will My husband have to keep ins. on me for my medications? He says he and my step grandson will not leave. I can’t make it out there in the world with what I get each month from Social Security. I need to be away from all the mess and just have some peace and take care of me and my health problems. I have a bad mixed connective tissue disease. An overlap syndrome of Lupus, Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis and RA. I can’t get the rest I need. Like I said the stress is making me worse and me and my husband argue more that we ever have in the 22 years we’ve been married. What my grandson says, goes, most of the time. I threatened to get an apartment and my husband says go ahead. My grandson is using us, but my husband says he’s just a typical teenager. He gets anything he wants. My husband is gone most of the time, taking him anywhere he wants to go. Then they are back and forth keeping me from resting. Its to hard having to do all the things that needs to be done for a teenager, when you are as sick as I am. I’m tired of the problems, arguring and feeling worse. I don’t want to give my husband a choice of me or his grandson. He’ll hate me even more then. I’d rather just be alone with peace and quite. Please advise me on what I can do, to just get by myself and let them have each other. I have tried hard to make this work. My home is like a community house now.