Disabled husband abandoned by wife

I am a disabled man who cannot work due to a motorcycle accident almost 2 years ago. I have an open wound that must be packed every day, and am also on many medications that stunt my thinking and ability to process and make the right decisions sometimes. I am still suffering from the traumatic brain injury I received during the accident. My wife, who I have been married to for 6 years and have known for over 20 randomly left me. I went to a funeral and when I came home, she wasn’t there and never returned. My wife stated today that she has officially rented an apartment and wants me to sign a separation agreement.
I am unable to work, my disability/medicare has yet to be accepted and I am still waiting for a decision.
My wife and I are in bankruptcy together. She keeps telling me she does not want me to get a lawyer, but I think it is because she is scared she will have to pay alimony.
With me being disabled, abandoned by my wife with no other caregiver, what are my options? What should I do? I cannot afford a lawyer. My wife works two jobs, and is dumping a majority of the bills onto me, which I also can barely afford. I need help, and am lost as to what to do.
Any advice would be helpful.

Now it has gotten worse. She has sent a seperation agreement attached with a property agreement that I do not understand.

You may be entitled to alimony if you qualify as a dependent spouse. Also, note that bankruptcy court will most likely have to approve the division and distribution of the marital property.

You can make a counteroffer to the separation agreement she provided you by asking for a specific amount of alimony. You can also file an action in court on your own.

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