I was injured in NOV of 2011.I recieve workmanscomp.The trailer is in my wifes name and the land in her parents.She forced me to leave because of medical condition.I am having seizures and 3 disc and one disc is messed up in my back and neck.She has two cars and I have 0.I surrendered my license in mar for medical reason.I had been going from my parents to her trailer.She refuses to take me to doctor appts and has sent me incriminating emails which I saved.She does not want anything to do with me because I quit giving her money for bills in april.I told her if I did not live there and she forced me to leave that I could not help pay bills on $297 a week and still support my 9 year old.I know she will try to get monies from settlement if I get one from workmans comp.She would not let my 9 year old move in but when I was paying out 1600 a month for an apartment she let her 16 son move in.I drove semi all week and home on sat and sun.I need help.Would she be entitled to any money since she makes more than me and would she be entitled to settlement from workmans comp.I have not spent the night over there in 4 weeks and there has been no marital relations.thx mentally husband.


I’m not an attorney*

It sounds like from what you wrote, you are currently/recently separated from your wife. Based on what you describe I would think that you could file for Abandonment. If she makes more money than you – you seem like the dependent spouse-- than it is unlikely you’d owe her alimony.

It’s going to be important for you to clearly document and save all important emails, bank drafts, etc.

I would recommend you hire an attorney asap.


If you are the dependent spouse then you could ask for postseparation support, and alimony.