I am confused about everything

I do not have the lawyer I chose. I went for a consultation. She told me to stay in the marriage and in the house dispite abuse. I had to call her back and let her know my husband was not giving me a choice. He told me everyday that he was leaving. I was in a nightmare situation but couldn’t leave because my Mother had made him her POA and joint Health Care POA. This lawyer accepted my case. I took as many papers to her office as I could get from husband. I gave her a check clearly indicating that it was payment toward the seperation agreement and made her staff aware of the situation. My husband then moved out without notifying me. He abandoned me. I am handicapped and partially depended on him to help with many things including grocery shopping meal preperation transportation to special Treatments and out of town Dr. apt. He left while I was out of the hosue with my daughter.
I took his letter to the lawyer and waited for a call. I made a couple of calls over the next week and was given various excuses why she had not gotten back to me but promising that she would be calling as soon as she got in, then it was the next day she would call. A week later I recieved a packet with all of my information and the check. She stated in her letter that she did not have time to handle my case. I know that my husband went by her office to ‘talk’ to her since I did not have her write up a seperation agreement. (I had been informed by this lawyer that it was up to him to work with his lawyer and start proceedings since he was the one demanding the end of the marriage.)
It took me another week to find a lawyer who would take my case. I did have to pay her a retainer.
My husband hired a lawyer that I had approched first and been told that Mr. Inge would not take on either one of us because we knew each other socially. (small town and his position…we know all of the lawyers and judges).
My lawyer started out well promising to obtain immediate support and ensure that I did not have to move out of the marital home. She did not follow through on everything. She began telling me that myhusband was taking good care of me and she was not going to ask for finacial support dispite my limited means with disability and high expenses medical special diet needs among other problems.
Her last email told me that she didn’t have the time yet to write my husband’s lawyer a letter requesting the support I let he know I needed. I have been waiting for her to take action since May. I have been turned down by a couple in our area. My husband’s position in the city is affecting my ability to hire a lawyer who will be on MY side. He also uses his influence at the bank. (very long story)
I did try to find another lawyer since she seemed reluctant to follow up on my case, but no one in the area seems to be willing to go against my husband and his lawyer.
During this time my lawyer had me drop the 50 B so my husband could 1. go back to our church (his request) but he does not go. 2. be able to come to the house if I give him permission and only with someone I feel safe with to keep me safe. My husband has violated his agreement and harrased me came and took more things out of the house that did not belong to him, some where my personal posessions. My lawyer will not assist with stopping him. The police will not come when I call and have not let me make a report when someone breaks into the house. (my opinion is that my husband is breaking in. My spare car keys have been taken. My mother’s engagement ring was taken. Programs have been deleted off of the computer. Pictures of our grandson have been deleted from the computer. My husband was logged into a chatroom program that wasn’t on the computer when I left the house and more.
I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel like my lawyer is looking after my best interests. I need finanial support now so I can purchase my medications and groceries. I need the police to investigate the breakins and hopefully retrieve my car keys, mother’s ring my medical records discs for the programs he deleted and everything he copied from my computer. I need my husband to stop the contiued abuse and much more.
I need help. I have tried everything I can think of to help myself.
I need to know what my rights are. I know that my husband can not have all of the rights here and I have none, but that is what I am being told.
I am scared. I am sick and the only thing I am sure of is that I need a lawyer who will stand up for my rights.

If you cannot find a lawyer in your town to adequately represent your interests, I would suggest contacting a lawyer in a neighboring town who has a little distance from the situation and is willing to take your case.

I sincerely wish you the best.

[quote=“Erin Clarey”]If you cannot find a lawyer in your town to adequately represent your interests, I would suggest contacting a lawyer in a neighboring town who has a little distance from the situation and is willing to take your case.

I sincerely wish you the best.[/quote]

I hired someone from a town close by. But she has simply stopped working on anything. She kept telling me that my husbadn was taking good care of me. He makes $107,000/yr to my $10,800/ yr disability. (many of my health problems are from him) I do not have enough for the co-pay on prescriptions, car expenses and groceries. He is paying my moblie phone bill, but uses the bill to keep tabs on me. I keep asing for a monthly amt. so I can pay my own bills and have enough for food. I want him to have as little control over me as possible.
Am I entitled to a decent amount to pay basic expenses.
We were married 34 years and I have multiple heealth problems that require medication. I also need pulonary rehab and without his finicial assistance I can not pay the copay. I need to rebuild my strength. His abuse before and after he left cause me to drop 45 lb and I wasn’t allowed to fully recover from surgery.
There is also the question of continued insurance coverage. His insurance cover health, prescriptions, vision and dental. Initially I was told that he would have to cover all until he retired. I CANNOT afford insurance and the Medicare coverage was enough with his insurance that our bills were not making us bankrupt. alone I will not have anywhere near the same coverage and will have NO prescription, vision or dental coverage.
One last question unanswered. Why do I not have the right to file a report and have the police investigate the breakins at the house?? There were broken locks and things taken. I took pictures of the broken locks. I keep taking pictures eveyday to show changes from before I leave the house and what has been moved and taken when I get home. I take screen prints to show what is running and have back ups of the programs that were on the computer. The back ups will not reinstall a deleted program but it shows that the program was there. It did save the pictures.
All of this is causing stress. My counselor tells me I am dealing with Post traumatic stress syndrome, not just depression. (yes I
m going to therapy. I’d be a fool not to at this point. that is just one more co-pay I can’t afford)

You may contact the police regarding the break-ins.
If you feel that your attorney is not adequately representing your interests, you should hire another attorney.

You missed it. I keep trying to find another lawyer.
I did contact the police about the break ins. They will not let me file a report. In the small town we live in the police chief is a personal friend of my husband’s family and the police will not return my calls. They will not come out to the house to investigate after the first break in and at that time they did not allow me to file a report even with broken window locs and things stolen.
As far as Salsibury, my husband’s signiture is on the paycheck of everyone who works for the city. I can not get help. I need someone from out side to help.
My husband has been blocking me from getting another lawyer. I thought a large firm like yours would be able to take on this case. What is happening is illegal, its a nightmare for me.

I cannot help you with the issue concerning the police department. You may contact our client liaison at 704.307.4600, ext 100 to schedule a consultation.