Consent order signed but only infront of him and I

You need to get to an attorney right away, depending on the circumstances you may be able to file a motion to set aside the consent order. A court order does not have to signed in front of a notary, but if neither of you are represented by an attorney, then the court may not accept signatures that are not notarized. You should also go to the county in the county where you live and look up to see if there is any file in your name, if there is, you should get a copy of the documents that have been filed. Any attorney you meet with will want to review any documents that you have signed.

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My husband came to me the night before I was served and said his mo mom and dad were coming over to get the kidsin the morning to go play at McDonalds. We have been together for 10 years. I never knew anything about the separation it was never talked about. The next morning his parents came got the kids and my husband and I were sitting out front drinking coffee still clueless. Next thing I know the sheriff comes pulling up and said you have been served. I was devasted. He already had a court date. This scared me to death. We decided to work something out regarding the divorce. The papers were signed. Then in the parking lot of the court house he brings me more papers to be signed and lies about what they are and I was so devasted I signed them believing what he told me I was signing. There was no judge present no notary present. I want to know these papers are legal??? He told everything, I have been a stay at home mom for 10 years no income solely dependent on my husband. I was kicked out with only a old car!!! Can I take him back to court? What if he asked me to come over and spend the night?? I do atleast 2 or 3 times a week!!! Yes we sleep in the same bed and somethimes have martial interaction!!! Does this break any of the paper work??? Please HELP!!!

sherri a stack