Consent Order


A couple of questions important to me. My X & attorney made an offer (after we were both threatening ea other & my threat trumped X’s) and they made an offer and I agreed.

  1. It’s my understanding this would be a consent order, is that true?
  2. Also how long does it take to draw one up? Its been nearly a month & I am still waiting.
  3. Is this a tactic to stall or change their mind?

Thanks for any help. I’m anxious and want this to FINALLY end so I can move on!!

You’ll need to ask the attorney what type of legal document he or she is using to incorporate the terms you’ve agreed to. It will most likely be either a consent order or a separation agreement. You can certainly ask the attorney when he or she plans to have the drafting complete, but if your ex’s attorney is the one drafting the document, that attorney has an obligation to your ex and not to you. If your ex isn’t pushing to have the document drafted quickly, then there is really nothing you can do to make it happen faster.