Custody order

im a bit confused on the filings of custody orders. i keep hearing that me, my ex, and both of our attorneys were supposed to have signed a copy of the court ordered custody agreement that was ordered, stating that we understood and agreed to the order before it went to the judge to get judges signature. Is this correct? I never signed anything stating that I agreed to the terms, because they werent accurate. I had to go to my attorneys office to pick up the rough draft of the custody order that ex’s attorney drew up. I brought it home, went through the rough draft, typed up what was wrong or what needed to be changed. I took both the rough draft and the papers that i personally typed up, to my attorney for him to edit the rough draft. Thats the last that I seen of anything until I received final signed order in the mail from the judge. Wasnt the judge supposed to see our signatures on a document stating that we agreed to these terms before she signed final court order? I think the paper is called a memorandum something?? The ONLY document that I have, or have seen, is the court document of the court findings and conclusions of law that the judge signed. I never signed anything, no one else did that Im aware of either. If this memorandum paper was supposed to have been signed by all parties/attorneys, does this make the court order non binding?

If the judge’s order is binding until modified, whether you consented to it or not. That said, this is a question better directed to your attorney who is most familiar with your case.