Memorandum of Judgement


My ex and I have a handwritten and signed Memorandum of Judgment regarding child custody issues. This was created and signed in a marathon session at my ex’s attorney’s office which ended in a flury of activity and 9 pages of hand written notes attached to it. There is one stipulation in the agreement which I don’t remember discussing - basically that I will provided my ex with “any and all communications” regarding the children. I feel that this is a particularly burdensome request (my ex has borderline personality disorder and has harrassed me to no end about everything and to be held to “any and all communications” regarding 3 children will cause me to be in contempt of court within a month). I have asked that this be changed to “any criticial information” but I did sign the original verbiage. The order has not been filed with the courts yet, as the final typed version and motions are not complete, but it looks as if this may be a sticking point. Am I obligated to sign and comply with the final order if I don’t agree with this one point? What are the reprecussions of not signing?

Thanks in advance.


The handwritten version is valid and binding if it was notarized. If the handwritten version requires you to sign a formal one you need to or you will be in breach- otherwise you can refuse, but you are still bound by the handwritten one.